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UKnigeriabusinesses.com is the fastest growing Nigeria online web directory, yellow pages and business information service for both UK and Nigeria businesses. Thousands of visitors log on to our site to check the news, business information, name and addresses of businesses, get information on “what is on” in the UK and Nigeria. Our directory is growing fast and we constantly update our site to reflect these changes. This makes it the ideal place to promote your business, products and services!

No matter the size of your business whether it is a sole trader, small businesses or a large company, there is a UKNigeriaBusinesses service that will assist you in growing your business and effectively manage the extra work that comes your way.

Be it an Email Link that let you receive sales enquiries at any time of the day or night, or UKNigeriaBusinesses Directory® Web Site Service with secure e-commerce functionality and self-service capabilities – there is a service that will meet your immediate requirement and can grow as your business expand.

With more companies setting up online businesses, an effective Internet presence is becoming a necessity for both UK & Nigeria businesses. That’s why we’ve developed a range of UKNigeriaBusinesses Directory® Web Site Services that allows you to showcase and sell your products and services, as well as take orders on-line.

Special Offer

Additional Category Listing

For just £10 you can include your products or services details in more than one category listing.  


UKNigeriaBusinesses Directory® banners give Advertisers the opportunity to conduct a highly targeted, cost effective on-line advertising campaign. Banners can be used to bring customers to an Advertiser’s website, promote a product or service, make a special offer or stimulate purchase. There are several cost-effective options available to meet your advertising budget.

UKNigeriaBusinesses Directory® Web Site:

This site can provide detailed information about your business, along with colour graphics and text. It’s an ideal way to raise the profile of your business and the products and services you offer.

Shop Site Links:

A Shop Site Link can be attached to your Headline Listing to give instant access to a Web Site which allows customers to directly place orders over the Internet.

Web Site Links:

Instant access to your existing Web Site is possible with a Web Site Link. Customers simply click on the link symbol which appears next to your Headline Listing.

UKNigeriaBusinesses Directory® Info Site:

A low cost self-service web site which allows you to list product and service information. You can also include your logo and details on opening hours, brands sold, and payment details.

Headline Listing:

A Headline Listing gives you up to 500 characters (including spaces and punctuation) to describe your business. 

Email Links:

An Email Link can be attached to your free listing to provide customers with a fast, direct method of contacting you.


In partnership with JTec Solutions we offer a range of solutions to assist you in managing and promoting your business online.

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